Latest Past Events

2022 QChristian Fellowship Conference

The Q Christian Fellowship Conference is an annual gathering where hundreds of LGBTQ+ Christians and Allies: gather for worship, fellowship, workshops, and keynote speakers; make lifelong friendships or reunite with those friends; experience healing, transformation, and hope; witness the thrill of God's love and affirmation through each other.

Grow to Succeed Virtual Groups


Grow To Succeed is a vital program based off the AA traditions steps and principles of sober living its creating a space for a judgment-free atmosphere for transgender people dealing with addiction and sober living. We will be supporting our sibs to stay clean and learn about getting a sponsor all while providing (We) services internally and externally. Our vision is to support individuals in graduating from the program as clean, sober, and staying abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Register here:

BroThersPGH & SisTers Presents: Nonbinary + Gender Expansive Virtual Space


Please join BroThers & SisTers for our Nonbinary + Gender Expansive Virtual Space! Meetings are on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 5:00pm-6:30pm via Zoom. If interested please register for group access links with this form linked here: The Nonbinary + Gender Expansive Virtual Space is a peer-led meeting intended to provide a welcoming environment conducive to inclusive and constructive personal and community development for nonbinary folks of all stripes. This is meant to include but is not limited to: anyone identifying as nonbinary, genderfluid, agender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, questioning, or any of the spectrum of…