Health, Wellness, and Fitness

Holistic health and healing through massage therapy services and handmade body care products.

Yoga, energy healing, holistic health.

Portable Aerial Yoga, Aromatherapy Tea Service, Safe Space and Lounge. A curated sensory experience that is mobile and can be indoors and outside. This allows the Aerial Tea Lounge to be wheelchair and disability accessible.

Kickball, bowling, sand volleyball, dodgeball, and bocce.

The Qrew Rowing Team is an LGBTQ and Ally team that trains and competes in Three Rivers Rowing Association’s Summer Rowing League.

Inspire. Educate. Equip. We remove barriers and create access to outdoor experiences.

Nutritional Therapy of Pittsburgh provides foundational and holistic nutrition services. Nutritional Therapy is a technique used to evaluate nutritional needs and make recommendations for dietary changes and nutritional supplementation, helping clients balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness. Nutritional Therapy of Pittsburgh focuses on each person’s bioindividuality, as opposed to one-size-fits all approaches.

Handmade, artisan & all natural bath products. Weekly DIY, eco-sustainability, home, health & wellness blog

Bodywork, massage therapy, yoga and conscious breathing instruction.

We create self care solutions for EVERY body. Bath bombs, Body scrubs, Soaps, Makeup, Perfume, and more! Available in 10 signature scent blends and all the colors you can imagine, especially pride flag colors, EVERY body deserves to feel special.

We aim to create a safe space where people can speak and move freely expressing themselves authentically without added fear of microaggressions and discrimination due to gender and expression. By opening the discussion about our lived experiences and challenges, we can assess how to better provide support and resources to ride bikes and increase mobility in Pittsburgh.

Adult Bath, Body, & Toy Products

Gay men’s group.

Inspire. Educate. Equip. We remove barriers and create access to outdoor experiences.

Body Euphoria Inclusive Massage Therapy is a Transgender owned practice serving the Greater Pittsburgh region. Our foundational principles embrace radical bodily autonomy and positivity. We center our practice around creating a safe space in which to serve the Transgender, Gender Expansive, and LGB+ Communities as well as all other marginalized intersections. Our clients can expect consent-based, trauma informed, high-levels of care and customer satisfaction from a knowledgeable, professional, respectful, nurturing and caring team of therapists.

Individualized Health Coaching and Personal Training for queer and allied clients to empower holistic health and well-being.