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Candle-light vigil

Held outside of our downtown location in June of 2016 for the victims of the Pulse massacre.

Wedding Officiants

When Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as the new SCOTUS Justice in Fall 2020, we knew that marriage equality was on the line. We asked for people who would be willing to perform COVID safe weddings for couples in the Western PA area. Click on the link to find a COVID safe wedding officiant.

Pittsburgh MasQue ProjecT

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Pittsburgh, there was no such thing as a face mask distribution project. Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents blog and TransPride Pittsburgh identified the need to support trans and queer neighbors very quickly and came up with a plan. We needed a fiscal sponsor because there wasn't time to set up a 501c3 to manage the donated funds. The Pittsburgh Equality Center was the logical and best choice, they were still operational and able to provide this fiscal support, and they had relationships throughout the larger community. With the PEC as fiscal sponsor, we have had access to funding that would have not been available without them and are now funded through 2021. The PEC has relentlessly promoted the project, served as a drop-off spot for donated masks, and a business mailing address. Their support has let us focus on the operation itself and have been able to support the community and their needs. When the pandemic lifts and our work is done, we can move forward knowing that the PEC will support us when the next crisis hits.

Sue Kerr


When I retired in 2012, I sensed the need for more opportunities for older adults to find connections outside the bar and club scene. As a volunteer at the GLCC, I spoke with the Director and she and I worked together to form the group we initially called Nexus. Over the next several years this group met periodically for social, educational, and service events; allowing friendships to develop as isolation and loneliness was in some part alleviated. Now, 8 years later, what began at the GLCC has grown into WPA SAGE with a mailing list of 400 persons. As we say in our group, "You're never too old to make a difference." Jeff M.