Community House Presbyterian Church is a progressive community full of intellect and passion that’s been on Pittsburgh’s Northside for nearly 200 years. At Community House, you find more than an intimate community rooted in hope, joy, imagination, and love, and dedicated to pursuing peace and social justice.

In our church community we seek to love intentionally, love extravagantly, and love unconditionally. We are committed to making this love real in the lives of people inside and outside our community. We have found that by focusing on the world outside our church we have built a stronger church within.

Presently, East Liberty Presbyterian Church has more than 900 members and friends, who attend up to three worship services offered each week and who reflect the racial, economic, age, gender, and sexual orientation diversity of Greater Pittsburgh. The four pillars of our ministry consist of worship, education, spiritual growth, and mission, and our goal is to provide resources in all these areas for people of all ages and singles or families of all types.

Congregation Dor Hadash is Pittsburgh’s only Reconstructionist Jewish Congregation. We are inclusive, egalitarian, and member-led. We are an active, socially engaged, community-oriented congregation, and we are passionate about repairing the world (tikkun olam). We are proud of our history of advocating for our vision of a shared society in which diversity is celebrated. Through community and social action, we strive to tear down the walls that divide us while seeking to build a more just, thriving, and inclusive world for all of us.

Bet Tikvah is a welcoming, queer-centric, independent minyan founded in 1988. Monthly Erev Shabbat services are led by members of the congregation.

Create a thriving, vibrant and engaged Jewish community by raising and allocating funds and building community locally, in Israel and around the world.

The Unitarian Universalist Church of the North Hills is an LGBTQIA+ welcoming and affirming community of faith. No matter who you love or how you identify, we welcome you! No matter your faith history, we welcome you! TrUUe Colors is UUCNH’s LGBTQIA+ support/advocacy group. We educate our community and ourselves and serve as a support and advocacy group as well.

Metropolitan Community Church of Pittsburgh recognizes a state of need around the world in the areas of human rights and justice. As people of faith, we have a responsibility to act on behalf of those who cannot effect change on their own.

Quaker worship community and community space available to rent for meetings/events.

Unity Center of Pittsburgh is a New Thought church in the East End of Pittsburgh. We hold services each Sunday beginning at 10:30 am and offer a variety of opportunities for exploring the sacred within ourselves. (At this time we are offering virtual services only.)

We are a community gathering to explore the interconnection of LGBTQ life and the Christian faith, share in the God-given diversity of our stories and callings, and grow in compassion for ourselves and for others.

We are a diverse community with varied backgrounds, cultures, theologies and denominations, drawn together through our love of Christ and our belief that every person is a beloved child of God.

We were the first congregation in the area and one of the first in the nation to affirm that queer Christians belong in church at all levels of participation from pew to pulpit. In 1997 we became a More Light Church to fight for those morals and we are still a beacon for queer Christians seeking a safe place to worship today. We are an open and affirming community of faith in Jesus Christ. At home in an urban neighborhood of many faiths, we acknowledge that we are not alone on the path to understanding God. In worship, study, and fellowship, we celebrate our Presbyterian roots and find joy in our diversity. We strive for the grace to love one another as we seek deeper understanding of life in the Spirit, working for justice and serving as stewards of God’s wondrous creation.

The Open Door is a church in the east end of Pittsburgh. We are a church of mostly young families calling ourselves a "church for people recovering from church." We seek to follow Jesus through both contemplative practices and social activism in our community. We serve our community through the work of Garfield Community. We are an open and affirming church where all people are welcomed as they are into the family of God.

Commonwealth is a new, progressive, Jesus-centered community of faith. People from the city, the universities, and the street are gathering to create a community of peace in Oakland by practicing radical inclusion, generosity, creativity, storytelling, justice and gratitude to God.